Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby K'Tan Review

I have wanted to try the Baby K’Tan ever since we had our now 2-1/2 year old daughter.  They seem to have it all figured out with the compact size, different sizes for different sized people, one piece – no lost parts, no buckles and other clanking pieces, it’s soft, and can be used with newborns through toddler age.  I should also mention that the Baby K’Tan was one of Pregnancy Magazine’s Best of 2008 Baby Products and voted “Best Dad Carrier” by

Well, this time around I was able to give the Baby K’Tan a try when our second daughter was born in the last 12 minutes of July 2011!  Well, I guess I didn’t really get to try it out until rather recently.  I ended up having an emergency c-section due to a prolapsed cord and the vertical incision left me rather sensitive to having anything touch my stomach for MANY weeks as well as other aches and pains related to the surgery.  When I was ready to try it out, I was amazed!  The carrier is so simple to put on.  I have to admit I read over the instructions very quickly before trying it out, but got a perfect fit right away and baby was so comfy that she fell asleep almost immediately.  She loves snuggling and this carrier provides her with a cozy place to take a nap, right where she likes to be, in close contact with someone familiar!  I like that baby is happy, but I also like that I can have my hands free to do other things during a busy day.

Baby K’Tan carriers fit infants and toddlers in 5 positions, from 8-35 lbs.  There are many colors, sizes and options to choose from when selecting your perfect K’Tan.  They have cotton, organic and even mesh carriers that range in price from $62.99 to $73.99.  The sizing runs very similar to that of t-shirt sizing…XSmall, Small, Medium, Large and XLarge.  The sizing chart can be found on their website at
The one that I purchased was the 100% cotton in Basic Black.  Black is slimming, right?!  The set comes with a matching beanie hat for baby and a sash, which would work perfect as a nursing cover for even the most modest of breastfeeding Moms.  I also loosely wrapped it around the carrier and myself for extra warmth on cooler days.

I’ve worn the K’Tan several times around the house and yard and have brought it with me to town for the occasional shopping trip.  The back support loop for parents makes it so comfortable to wear.  All you do it pull down on the loop and baby’s weight is evenly distributed across your body and carrying is no problem.  Even after many weeks of very little physical activity, I was able to make it around the mall without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable.  Baby slept the whole time and I got quite a few compliments on the carrier as well!
So, if you are expecting, make sure this carrier is on your list of NEEDS and if you already have a little one at home, be sure to give this carrier consideration even if you already own other brands of carriers.  You won’t be disappointed.  I will be posting pictures as soon as possible so you can see the fit, in the meantime, I am including photos from the website for your viewing pleasure.
A list of retailers can be found at or you can purchase directly from the company at

Disclaimer:  I received this product at a discount, but the opinions in the review are my own, honest opinions regarding the product.