Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crunchy Clean Detergent Review & Giveaway - Ends 10/6


When I started cloth diapering my daughter, Crunchy Clean was the very first diaper detergent I purchased. It was recommended to me by a friend who had been using it since she started cloth diapering over a year prior.  I say it was the "first" diaper detergent I purchased because I'm one of those people that has to try a variety of brands to see which ones are my favorites.  LOL
Crunchy Clean Basics:

Crunchy Clean diaper detergent comes in two formulas, original and a hard water formula. I have only used the hard water formula, so my review is based on that formula.

Here is some information directly from Crunchy Clean’s website…
This cloth diaper detergent special blend of naturally occurring minerals, detergents, oxygen releasing agents that have proven to clean diapers in a safe way that does not harm your precious baby or your diapers. It does work to kill bacteria, and works great in any temperature wash and any type of machine. You can use it to soak your diapers to kill germs or get rid of stains as well as wash your diapers regularly.

• No optical brighteners, fillers, dyes, or enzymes.

• Great for military use!

• Clean rinsing - an extra rinse isn't necessary!

• No soap to build up in your diapers.

• HE compatible.

• Great for all of your family's clothing and diapers.

Packages come in various shapes and sizes ranging from a sample bag for 8 loads, to the large size bag which will wash 160 loads in a regular washer up to 320 in a high efficiency washer.

First Impression:

Upon opening the package, I found this cute “brown paper bag” with the Crunchy Clean logo clearly printed on the front and an adorable little wooden scoop. I don’t think I had the detergent in my possession for more than 30 seconds before I HAD to open it. Upon opening it, I smelled the most amazing scent ever…Monkey Farts! I would definitely recommend this scent to anyone. It makes me WANT to do laundry just so I can smell it. On occasion I may even be caught in the laundry room taking a quick sniff just because! It’s that YUMMY!

How I Use Crunchy Clean:

I always do an initial cold water rinse of the diapers just to get things going and to remove any remaining particles. Once the pre-rinse is complete I fill the washer with hot water, add two wooden scoopfuls of Crunchy Clean and let the agitator swish everything for a couple of minutes. Then I shut off the washer and let the diapers soak for an hour or so. We have really hard water, and I’ve found this to be helpful. If you don’t have hard water, this probably wouldn’t be necessary. Once an hour has gone by, I turn the washer back on and let it finish the wash cycle and rinse. VOILA!

What I like about Crunchy Clean:

I like that it is diaper safe and a clean rinsing formula…meaning that it doesn’t leave any residue on your diapers.  Residue can make your diapers repell liquid and you don't want that!

The super cute packaging and little wooden scoop are nice and useful. The bag is resalable so you can keep the moisture out, which is often a problem in laundry rooms and the scoop is easy to use, so you get just the right amount of detergent.

Crunchy Clean offers a wide variety of scents to choose from and even an unscented formula for those with sensitivities.

While using this detergent, I haven’t had any out of the ordinary issues with ammonia in diapers even though I use microfiber inserts.

What I don’t like about Crunchy Clean:

I have to order through the mail.  I'm not always this organized, I wish there was someplace nearby that I could just pick it up when I needed it.  LOL

I also wish that some of that yummy Monkey Fart scent would stick to the laundry, but that is the whole idea behind Crunchy Clean, that your laundry is just that...CLEAN and nothing else!  :)

Would you like to try Crunchy Clean diaper detergent for yourself?

Buy It! Visit Crunchy Clean and purchase yourself some of this fabulous detergent


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Note: I was not compensated in any way to do this review of Crunchy Clean detergent. The opinions presented are my own honest opinions.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Royal Blossom

Anyone else getting ready for cold weather? I know that here in ND we are! We’ve had multiple days in a row now with a high temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. With cooler weather, comes more layers of clothing and one of those layers is almost always a hat!
I came across The Royal Blossom website a while ago and took note of the very cute hats they had for sale.  They look very well made and very stylish, boutique like!  The hats range in size from infant to adult and everything in between. 
The owner of The Royal Blossom, Jocelyn, has generously offered a coupon code for all Tootsie Woots blog readers and facebook fans!
Get 10% off your purchase from now through October 31st, 2010 by entering the code: TRB-tootsie
The Royal Blossom’s collection includes…

Earflap Hats
My personal favorite!

Brimmed Beanies

Flower Flapper Hats

Mouse Ear Hats

The Royal Blossom also takes on custom orders. So contact her if you are interested, the sooner the better since they are getting very close to the busy season!
Gift certificates are available on the website as well if you know someone who needs some hat love!!

Enjoy everyone! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dee's Delights Review & Giveaway - CLOSED

Winner is Comment #28!

As some of you may already know…I love to accessorize my little gal! Headbands, hats, hair clips, baby leggings, etc. Anyways, I came across a really great Mommy owned business called Dee's Delights, and the owner, Alisha! I purchased a few things from her, then asked her if she would be interested in doing a giveaway through my blog and she agreed…SO EXCITING! I absolutely love WAHM wares and Dee’s Delights is one of my favorites.

The first thing I purchased was a set of retro knot clippies. I just COULD NOT resist the way they looked. I love just about anything remotely retro, so these clippies were right up my alley! They are entirely wrapped with ribbon to cover the clip. The knot is so pleasing to the eye, she did a great job of making sure these clippies were as close to perfect as possible. In case your child has fine hair (like mine), Alisha will even add a no-slip grip material to the inside of her clips at no extra charge. As far as durability goes, my daughter is 19 months old now and loves to play with everything, like “pick at stuff” sort of playing, and the clippies have held up to the abuse thus far! LOL

The second time I made a purchase, I got a pair of baby leggings and a matching hair clip. Let me just say that I love these leggings. I’ve used name brand baby leggings before (as in I own about 20 pairs +), but these ones fit my daughter so much better than the others. They are much stretchier than other brands and she just looks way comfier because they are not pinching anywhere. My daughter isn’t chunky, but the other baby leggings were always pinching her around the thighs. As you can see in the picture, there is a little bow sewn on the bottom of each leg near the ruffle. Well, originally the ruffle was for the thigh part of the leg and the bow was sewn on accordingly. I told Alisha that it was too bad it wasn’t the other way around (ruffle around ankles) since that was something I had been looking for. Well, ask and you shall receive, because that’s exactly what she did. She took time out of her day and made them how I wanted and of course I bought them! Talk about great customer service! She shipped them out very quickly and they arrived in perfect condition. As for the clip, it was made very similarly in quality to the previous clippies that I have described, so I won’t repeat myself and just let you take a look at the picture.

Want to purchase some accessories from Dee’s Delights for your little one?
You can visit her on Facebook, take a look at her photos and contact her directly. She also has an Etsy shop that you can contact her through as well. She’s entirely willing to do customs, so just ask!

Want to try your luck and win the giveaway?

Alisha has generously offered to one lucky reader, either a pair of leggings or a set of clippies/clip of choice! All you have to do is follow the entry guidelines posted below.  Giveaway is open to the USA and Canada residents.

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All opinions in this review are my own honest opinions.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers Review & Giveaway - CLOSED

Winner - Winner!

Congratulations Erika F-P!

Megan, of Cow Patties Cloth Diapers recently sent me a One-Size Blue Circles Minky AI2 (All In Two) cloth diaper to review.

I absolutely love the pattern and this being our very first minky diaper, well, let’s just say…I wanted to put it on my pillow and sleep on it! It is so soft!
The diaper itself is as I said previously, a one-size diaper, meaning that you do not have to purchase a new diaper every time your child hits a growth spurt, which is so nice. There are snaps down the front to adjust the rise as well as a series of snaps at the waistline to adjust to just the right size for your baby.

The AI2 part means that the diaper is more of a “shell” and you just snap in the insert (absorbent material). The insert that Cow Patties uses for their AI2’s is actually a long strip of Bamboo, which is super absorbent and less stinky than other options out there. You can fold the insert as needed for your little one. For example, my daughter sleeps on her tummy, so if I put it on her for nap time, I fold it so that there is more fabric toward the front of the diaper. Very easy!

My Experience…
After Megan received my order, I had the diaper in my hands within a week! It was absolutely amazing and I was so happy!
The first time I put this diaper on my daughter, I couldn’t get over how trim it was. It seriously fits her that well. As much as I like a “Fluffy Bum”, it is nice to have a trim option that can more easily fit under a pair of jeans and shorts with no problem!

The diaper has a hidden layer of PUL, which makes it waterproof and reduces leaks. I’ve even used this diaper for nap times of up to 3 hours and had absolutely no problem with leaks. It was such a relief. I’ll have to admit that I was a little worried when I saw how trim it was on her. Kind of thought to myself…no way is this going to hold up to a power nap…but IT DID and with flying colors!!!
Although the diaper is narrower between the legs than the majority of the other diapers in our stash, it was able to withstand some heavy toddler play as well. No matter how she moved, it stayed where it should and kept wetness in.

The stitching, fabric, snaps, and elastic have all held up really well through multiple washes and uses…this diaper still looks brand new and has been used several times!
Cow Patties Details…

They offer a few different types of diapers. The AI2s that I reviewed and described above as well as…Famous Pocket Fitteds, Diaper Covers, and Pocket diapers. The diapers can be one-size, sized, snaps or Velcro.
You can even choose your fabric; she has multiple fabric selections available to view in the photos section of the Cow Patties facebook page. She also makes specialty cloth diapers out of your old military uniforms (if you would like), which are super cute and meaningful!
Want a Cow Patties Cloth Diaper for your baby?

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers has some in-stock diapers available for purchase on their Facebook page, under the “Shop Now” tab.  Make sure you use the drop down menu to shop by category in order to see all the products available.
If you don’t find what you are looking for there, CPCD takes up to 10 custom orders per week. So e-mail her today!
Want to win a Cow Patties Cloth Diaper? Megan has generously offered a giveaway to coincide with this review. Here’s how you can enter to win a free Cow Patties Cloth Diaper!

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All opinions included in this review are my own honest opinions and are in no way based upon the fact that I may or may not have received free product from this business. Thank you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

ERGObaby Review

Hannah at ERGObaby was generous enough to send me an Organic Twill Dark Chocolate with Kona Coffee Lining carrier to review.

The carrier itself is very pretty and the fabric is very thick and strong. The straps and buckles are not flimsy, they are very well made and of appropriate size for carrying your precious cargo.  My daughter is 18 months old and about 26 pounds and I had no worries with putting her in the carrier at all. ERGObaby recommends their carriers for newborn – 40lbs.

The carrier comes with a book of instructions for use and different carries. You can do a front carry, hip carry or a back carry. You can also purchase “extras” such as a infant support cushion to make it work for carrying around even a “wee little one”.
The first time I put my daughter in it was right out of the box. I read absolutely no instructions (lol), put it on, got her in and walked all around the house. Everything is very user friendly and easy to figure out. My daughter LOVES this carrier. Not sure what it was but she giggled the whole time I was wearing it and she looks so comfortable in it.

For the person carrying, it is easy on the body. There is plenty of padding on the shoulder straps as well as on the piece that goes around your hips. A lot of the weight is carried on the hips, which is nice in comparison to those carriers that put all the weight on your shoulders (ugh). I really ended up trusting this carrier a lot (compared to others) and let me tell you that it is so nice to have your hands free to do other stuff, like…stuff a shopping cart, do laundry, dishes, etc. Moms are supposed to have about 8 hands, right?! LOL

I brought the carrier with me on a shopping trip to Target and walked around the entire store carrying my daughter as well as our purchases. Granted I was a little tired at the end, but I wasn’t “hurting”. I just need to do this more often and I would be in good shape, wish I would’ve had this from the time she was born! Instead I had a wrap and my daughter never cared for it much, so babywearing never really happened for us before.

For those with tiny babies, there is even a sleep shade that pulls out of the front pocket so you can keep the sun and/or light out of their eyes, allowing them to sleep peacefully. Such a nice feature, especially since it’s attached - no worries about losing it somewhere and then being without!

The straps have a lot of adjustment to them so that they can fit a variety of body shapes. For reference when looking at the pictures…I am 5’9”.

I wish I could say that I have a ERGObaby giveaway going on with this review, but I DO NOT. However, they are on today for $70, which is almost 50% off regular price and they are totally worth every penny!

If you don’t make it to babysteals in time, you can also purchase an ERGObaby at or you can search for a retailer near you.