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Crow Mountain Crafts Review & Giveaway - CLOSED


Comment #57 - Sara!


Comment #82 - Amy!

I recently had the good fortune of coming in contact with Lisa, from Crow Mountain Crafts, and she sent some of her products to me to review. You guys (and gals) are going to love this one!
First of all, I am going to give you some background information on the company that was given to me by Lisa.

I am Lisa, the WAHM who runs Crow Mountain Crafts. I have 2 baby boys. Aaron is 19 months and Hunter is 6 months. I run my business out of my home. I started making candles for my own personal use about 9 years ago when I was a poor college student and couldn’t afford to buy the boutique brands. I soon started making soaps from pre-made bases and many of my friends and family were asking me to make them things.
I did my first Craft Fair in 2002 and sold out the first day. I continued to learn more about soap and candle making and sold them at craft shows for the next few years. After doing some research, I taught myself how to make Cold Process soaps and began making all of my soaps and candles with 99% organic ingredients.
I married my wonderful husband, Jason, in 2005 and he started helping me with some of my projects.
After having my first baby in 2009, I added wipes cubes and kid-safe soaps to my line and started selling online. I opened my etsy shop and my WAHM shop on Diaperswappers.com earlier this year. I was soon invited to join 2 different Congos on hyenacart and I am now lucky enough to be a member of the A La Mode and Envy congos with many other wonderful WAHMs and WAHDs.



My Experience
Here is the list of products Lisa sent to me for review

1. Monkey Farts Soy Candle

2. Monkey Farts Wool Wash Bar

3. Butt Naked Wipe Cubes

4. Orange Sherbet Goats Milk Bar Soap

Crow Mountain Crafts has such cute packaging. Everything came in its own little package! See the picture below. The soap was in its own little cardboard box with label, the candle was in a travel tin with label on top, the soap cubes were in a re-sealable plastic bag with instructions included, and the wool wash bar was in a cute fabric sack and also included instructions!

The first product I tried out was the candle. I lit it and set it on top of the armoire in my daughter’s room. I think about a half-hour went by before I had to go in there again to get something or do a diaper change, and…it smelled amazing in there! It hasn’t smelled that good since…well…NEVER! Even though I let the candle burn for about six hours straight, there is still plenty of life left in it. It hardly made a dent! I’m looking forward to many more days of a good smelling nursery!

Then, on to the wipe cubes! If you aren’t familiar with wipe cubes, they are little pieces of baby bum safe soap that you dissolve in water to make a cleaning solution to use during diaper changes. Some people leave cloth wipes soaking in the solution (in a container of some sort), others use a spray bottle and either spray baby’s bum or dampen the cloth wipe with the spray then apply to baby’s bum. Either way, it is a nice alternative to disposable wipes.

I have used wipe cubes before, but these ones are super! They are just the right size to make any amount of soap needed. I use a spray container to hold my daughter’s bum soap and it only holds about a cup. Other wipe cubes I’ve used made way too much for the container and I was stuck having to try and break apart the soap into smaller pieces. Crow mountain has made it so much easier! You can use 1 cube per cup, or if you are like me, more is better…I added two! LOL

When made, the solution has such a pleasant smell and really got my daughter’s bum nice and clean without any adverse reactions.

Goats Milk Soap Anyone? Here’s the lowdown on goats milk soap, taken directly from the description on one of the congos that Crow Mountain Crafts belongs to.

Goat's milk is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and alpha-hydroxy acids that nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Goat's milk also has a pH close to skin's natural pH resulting in a mild, non-irritating, and highly moisturizing soap for even the most delicate of skins. They have been shown to improve eczema, rashes, and chronic dry skin.

I have never used goats milk soap in my life, but it was so nice. The fragrance was amazing, so soft and subtle, just like a Dreamsicle. The soap lathered up really nicely and left my skin feeling soft, but not like there was a residue or anything. It washed away and left my skin clean. Definitely looking forward to more uses in the future!

The last product that we used was the wool wash bar. Now I have to admit that I own ZERO wool, but Lisa said that this could be used like regular soap as well. It’s so wonderful when your daughter comes out of the tub smelling like Monkey Farts! It left her skin nice and soft and was much better smelling than the common brand baby wash. Yummy!

Overall, my experience with Lisa at CMCs has been wonderful. She’s genuinely interested in what her customers are looking for, she ships super fast and returned all correspondence in a timely manner. I have no doubt in my mind that she will give you the exact same customer service!

I know that after reading this review, you are going to want to try out some Crow Mountain Crafts products for yourself.

You can view and order online at:





You can also try to win some free products!

Lisa has generously offered a “basket” of goodies to one lucky reader. The winner will get one travel size soy candle, a packet of wipe cubes and a bar of goats milk soap, all in their choice of scent! Yay!  This wonderful giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.

You must do all four of the following in order to have 1 (one entry) in the drawing.  Leave one comment letting me know that you completed all of the following requirements.
  1. Like Crow Mountain Crafts on Facebook
  2. Like Tootsie Woots on Facebook
  3. Visit Crow Mountain Crafts on the congo pages or by visiting her Etsy shop and tell me which product you would love to try
  4. Leave your name and e-mail address so that I can contact you in the event that you win

Bonus entries are only valid if you have completed the mandatory entry. If you fail to do so, your entry will be deleted. Remember to leave your name and e-mail on these entries as well.
  1. Follow Tootsie Woots via Google Friend Connect (3 bonus entries) – leave your username
  2. Make a purchase from Crow Mountain Crafts (5 bonus entries) – I will be checking
  3. Tweet this giveaway (once per day for 2 bonus entries each) – leave the direct link to your tweet
There you go! Best of luck! The giveaway will end on September 8th, 2010 at Noon CST and a winner will be chosen via random.org

Note: Although Crow Mountain Crafts sent these items to review at no charge to me, the opinions expressed in this review are my own honest opinions and were not swayed in any way by the generosity of Crow Mountain Crafts.

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Hippo Bargains Review

Ever wish you could get your hands on some great deals without having to leave your home to “shop around”?! Well now you can at http://www.hippobargains.com/

What is Hippo Bargains?
Hippo Bargains was developed by two stay-at-home moms who wanted to offer exceptional deals on children’s apparel, toys, and accessories.

Here is a quick intro directly from the website:

“Basically, we sell cool stuff cheap. It's really rather fun, especially because it doesn't cost you a fortune. Everything we sell is a ridiculously amazing bargain...cheaper than you can find it anywhere else, so cheap that it might take us a long while to actually make a profit ;-) We don't mind. We want good people to have good things, regardless of how much money they have in their pocket.”

Details, Details…

Every morning between 10AM and 11AM CDT a new daily deal is posted. Buy if you want or pass it up and wait for tomorrows deal. Each item stays available until sold out or goes away the next morning when a new deal becomes available. If you are interested you should act quickly though, because sometimes the deals are gone within five minutes! That’s how good the deals are!

How can you stay on top of the deals?

You can sign up for their Daily E-mail Alerts at http://www.hippobargains.com/

If you don’t want to go that route, you can join their Facebook page and “like” it to get all the latest news about new deals, promotions, surprise re-runs of previous deals, etc. If you don’t want to miss a beat – you should do both!


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Diapeze Review & Giveaway - CLOSED

I recently purchased a camouflage print Diapeze from Kristin at Diapeze. I really enjoyed being able to pick out the exact fabric that I wanted and she made it just for me (us)! I went to a well known fabric store website and sent a link to Kristin and she found the exact fabric and made it the very next day, it was fantastic! My husband is an avid hunter, so the camo diaper was a “must”. LOL Kristin added a little girly touch though and sewed on a little pink bow to the backside.
Here is a couple of pictures of my daughter in her camo Diapeze.

The Diapeze diaper works different from any other diaper I have ever used. There are two flaps sewn on the inside of the diaper and that is where you place the insert. All you do is stuff the ends of the insert underneath the flaps and voila…EZ! As far as putting the diaper on your little one, it is held secure by a wide band of Velcro on the outside.

Great things about Diapeze:

• You can choose your own fabric pattern for the outside of the diaper

• Very reasonably priced at $15/diaper

• The concept is very easy, especially for those new to cloth diapering

• The Velcro is practically impenetrable. My 18 month old daughter tried and failed

My experience with Diapeze:

The diaper is very easy to assemble and put on. I have used the Diapeze on my daughter for regular daytime use, including one nap. For regular daytime use, the diaper works very well – no leaks. The one time I used the diaper for a nap, the fabric around her legs was wet after her 2 hour nap. As long as you don’t plan on using the diaper for long periods of time or if you don’t have a heavy wetter, the diaper works very well.

The diaper also washes well, still looks new after several washes.

Want a Diapeze of your own?

Check out http://www.diapeze.com/ and take a look. For a limited time, Kristin is offering a Buy 3 – Get 1 Free special. She also offers Traineze for those potty learning toddlers.

Want to try and win a Diapeze?

Kristin has generously offered one (1) Diapeze of choice to one lucky winner.  Here's how you can get your name in the drawing...

I’m going to keep it simple, so make sure you do all of the following before you put in your one (1) entry for the drawing.

1. Like Diapeze on Facebook

2. Go to the Diapeze website and tell me what size your little one needs

3. Like Tootsie Woots on Facebook

4. Follow Tootsie Woots via Google Friend Connect

Include your name and e-mail address as well, so I am able to contact you in case you win!  :)

The giveaway will close 9/1/10 at Noon and a winner will be chosen via random.org

Winner of the Diapeze diaper is...comment #6 (Kirsten Thompson)!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way to do this review. These are my own honest opinions.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clean B Detergent Review & Giveaway - CLOSED

What is Clean B?

Clean B Detergents offer you a powerful “Green” cleaning choice! Completely HE safe! They are Eco Friendly because all ingredients are earth derived. It’s completely safe for our planet and soft on delicate skin. Clean B has added ingredients that bind to the minerals in your water and pull them out in the rinse, so no added build up in your diapers or clothing. This is especially important for people with Hard Water & Cloth Diapering Families. Build up on your diapers and inserts leads to repelling and leaks, and Clean B can help remove build up you already have! Clean B is free from Chlorine, Dyes, Enzymes and Optical Brighteners – it is Non-toxic, Vegan, 100% Phosphate Free & meets requirements for Military Use. Clean B can be used in regular and front loading washing machines and can clean all your laundry from Stinky Diapers to Dirty Duds!

Now for the best part! All this great Eco Friendly Clean Power is available in almost 100 amazing scents and on the first Monday of every month she comes out with a new “Scent of the Month”! On the first Wednesday of every month, Clean B offers a ½ price shipping deal as long as you contact her before placing your order. She also has “Free Fridays” where she puts a freebie or two in with every order that is placed and paid for on Friday. Who doesn’t like freebies?!

Aside from detergent, you can also purchase dryer balls, freshening powder (room & pail), powder (baby & mama), top to bottom baby wash, wet wipe concentrate, lotion, foaming hand wash, freshening spray and MORE at Clean B.

How I wash with Clean B (as applies to cloth diapers)

1. Cold Rinse

2. Once the initial cold rinse is complete, I add 2 scoops of Clean B (because we have hard water). I start the washer on a HOT/COLD cycle.

3. As soon as the agitator finishes swishing the HOT cycle, I stop the washer and let it sit for 30-45 minutes.

4. After that time is up, I restart the washer and let it go through the rest of the cycle including the cold rinse.

5. I do one more cold rinse. Clean B says it’s not necessary, but I do it out of habit I guess. Just like to make sure my diapers are completely soap free.

I have really enjoyed using Clean B, she uses really cute packaging, includes very detailed directions, and even includes a soap scoop that has been hand decorated (see picture)! My diapers come out clean and so do the regular clothes that I have used Clean B on. I haven’t had ANY issues with repelling, stink, build up, etc. I also love that the diapers come out smelling like the scent of detergent you choose. Many other cloth diaper detergents don’t do that and it’s something I really enjoy, since it makes them smell EXTRA FRESH!!

As far as my daughter goes, she has had no adverse effects from using Clean B on her diapers and that’s always a good thing!!

If I did the star system, I would give Clean B…6 out of 5 stars!!

Do you want to try some Clean B laundry detergent for yourself?

Go to Clean B and place your order today, you won’t be disappointed!

Would you like to try and win some Clean B?

Melissa has been so generous and is offering a Medium Sized Bag of Clean B (enough for 25 loads) as well as a Freshening Spray to one lucky winner! The winner will be able to choose the scent (both items must be the same scent) and it will be shipped for free to a US address. If you are in Canada, don’t fret! Melissa has offered to pay ½ the shipping required to get it to you, so you only have to cover the other ½! Melissa is AWESOME!

How to enter:

Comment on this blog post in accordance with the following entry options. You must leave your e-mail address on every entry. If random.org chooses a winner with no e-mail address on it, I will have it choose another number.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Go to the CleanB website and tell me which scent you would choose if you win! Must be the actual name of the scent…not just a description. If you do not do the mandatory entry, your additional entries will be deleted. (1 entry)

Additional Entries:

Like Tootsie Woots on Facebook (1 entry)

Like Clean B on Facebook (1 entry)

Follow Tootsie Woots publicly via Google Friend Connect (3 entries)
Follow CleanBs on Twitter – include Twitter name (1 entry)

Tweet the Giveaway – include direct link (1 entry per day)
Share the Giveaway on your Facebook profile – include a direct link (3 entries)

Post my blog button on your blog or website - must include link where I can find it (5 entries)

Make a purchase from Clean B (7 entries)

Giveaway will end on August 22nd, 2010 at Noon CST


Winner of the Clean B giveaway is...


GroVia Pail Liner Review

How I happened upon GroVia pail liners was a complete fluke. I had just started my cloth diapering experience and realized “I need somewhere to put these things”. LOL

I did some web searches not really knowing what I was looking for and ended up at BumRiteDiapers.com where I eventually ordered a GroVia pail liner. I’ve seen many other brands since then, but in my mind…none compare.

There are so many things that I really like about the GroVia bag…

1. It’s huge! This thing could hold my entire stash!

2. It has a drawstring with toggle closure. This makes it very easy to take to the Laundromat and not have to worry about your diapers falling out and making a mess!

3. For me, the drawstring cord doubles as a hanging hoop. I don’t have a pail, so I hang the bag on the back of our glider (as you can see in the picture). The drawstring is very sturdy so I don’t have to worry about this sort of activity wearing out the elastic.

4. The liners come in four colors…Kiwi, Mandarin, Vanilla and Blackberry.
5. Waterproof!
6. Washable. Just throw it in the wash with your diapers! So easy! My pail liners look and function the exact same as they did the first day I had them.

I’m sure there are other diaper pail liners out there that are nice as well, but this is definitely my favorite!

If you would like to purchase one, I would recommend going to BumRiteDiapers.com , especially if you are just starting out cloth diapering or just considering it right now. The owner of BumRite, Angela Powell, is very knowledgeable and completely willing to discuss all the options of cloth diapering with you and answer your questions.

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Blog Buttons

If you have a blog with giveaways related to parenting and babies, please let me know and I'll add your button (if you have one) to my sidebar.  :)

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The Reason

I am a stay at home mom of one darling little girl and wife to the greatest man ever! :) Since having my daughter, I have been a scout for anything unusual, helpful, cute, practical, fun (you get the picture) that can benefit either my daughter or my husband and I as parents.

I look over so many reviews and really weigh the positives and negatives when I am considering purchasing anything. So much so, that it could probably be considered obsessive compulsive! I have also tried many WAHM items including diapers, amber necklaces, teethers, wool dryer balls, laundry detergent, crib sheets, etc and have had some very positive results. So I am always open to trying them as well.

I've recently been very entertained with giveaways that are posted on blogs and facebook.  I have been entering them like crazy and have won a handful of prizes already.  :)  What I'm hoping to do with this blog is to put all the information that I have gathered and will continue to gather in one place so that everyone can have access to the same information that I do and with convenience!

I'm also hoping to get some products to try out so that I can review them and then possibly host giveaways on my blog as well.  Just started working on this, so I will keep you posted.  My intention is to eventually have all of my favorite products picked out so that I can feel confident that, if and when I am able to open up my own "baby needs" business, that I am offering my customers the absolute best products! :)

If you have a product that you would like me to review and/or giveaway on my blog, please feel free to contact me!  I am open to WAHM and brand name products.  :)